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My name is Charles, and I have been interested in electronics since high school. Being able to build a solution to a problem, with my hands has always appealed to me. Because of this I went down a scientific path through GCSE’s to A-levels and eventually university. There I learnt the wider impact that my interests could have, and the importance of sharing such knowledge and expertise beyond our realms. Today I am an engineer, and this is my research…

In Depth

With the huge availability of food today in the United Kingdom, it is very easy to forget that this is not the case across the globe. Farmers in developing countries, such as India, lack the fast-evolving knowledge required to manage their crops efficiently, and also the technology required to implement it. This means that small issues such as pests and disease, have a significant impact on their livelihood. This is an age old problem that requires new age technology to help. At the e-Agri Sensors Centre, we are developing a solution that will bring the power back into the hands of local farmers, and reduce the current destruction to their crops. This solution comes in the form of a low-cost attachment to their phone, which will be able to scan for disease signatures. In the field it can be put in the hands of field workers and charities.

Going Further

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