Intern Journey: Study to Raising Aspirations

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Hi, my name is Abbie, and I am from Macclesfield in Cheshire, which is approximately 25 minutes away on the train. On the outskirts of the Peak District, I am comfortably surrounded by lots of hills, forests and greenery, with the wonderful, vibrant city of Manchester just a train ride away! I'm working now as a Graduate Intern in Student Recruitment and Widening Participation at the University of Manchester, this blog is the steps I took to get where I am!

How I got here?

I followed a very traditional route of education. I completed my GCSE’s and then continued onto Sixth Form to complete A-Levels in Biology, Chemistry, Geography and Psychology. During my years at secondary school, I was sure that I wanted to pursue a career in science; I was good at it and did really well in my exams, and I also knew it was a very prestigious career to be in, with the potential to earn a lot of money.  

To improve my chances of getting onto a science degree, I completed an internship at the pharmaceutical company called AstraZeneca, where I worked alongside experts in a variety of different fields. Nevertheless, as I started my A-Levels, I soon realised that my love of science had diminished, and I found the subject a lot harder than many of my peers. I therefore could not imagine studying a subject for three years that I wasn’t passionate about.

Psychology was a new subject that I had never studied before and it soon became the most interesting and exciting subject I had ever studied. I enjoyed discovering new theories about human behaviour and understanding the depths of the human mind; something I had never really thought about before. My passion for Psychology grew constantly throughout my two years at sixth form, and it became very clear that I wanted to pursue this subject at university.

And now here I am a graduate from The University of Manchester with a BSc (Hons) Psychology degree, and my love for this subject continues to grow each day. I currently working as a Student Recruitment and Widening Participation Intern at the University of Manchester and my degree has been invaluable in the work I now do. It taught me so much, and I have been able to apply so much of the knowledge and the skills that I learnt to my current role.  

In depth

My role is extremely varied and involves working with students in Year 7 to 11, to try and encourage them to consider higher education in their future journeys. I am involved in the planning and organisation of many large scale events that bring young people onto our campus. I also deliver many in-school presentations and workshops to select groups of students. I also work with young people who are in care, and are currently living with foster families or in residential homes – it is extremely rewarding to see this cohort’s confidence grow when they take part in our activities!

The key aim of our work is to raise aspirations and show young people that higher education is accessible to anyone, no matter what your background; and this makes my job extremely rewarding – for me, and the young people I work with! I absolutely LOVE my job!

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