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Hi, my name is Rodaba and I am a final year student studying Criminology at The University of Manchester. I decided to study Criminology because the course includes aspects of all of my favourite subjects, Psychology, Sociology and Law, two of which I studied at A-Level. I chose Manchester because I really love the campus and how close it is to the city centre, as I grew up in Greater Manchester I was already very familiar with the city and all of the great aspects to it. I am also a Student Ambassador which is one of my favourite aspects of being a student at the University.

What is it like studying Criminology?

Most of you may have heard of Criminology before, or may even study this at college. For those who may not know what the degree entails, it is basically the study of crime and how different processes could mean that someone is more likely to commit a crime. You study aspects of Psychology, so the chemical processes that may increase the likelihood of someone committing a crime. Sociology, how society plays a role, and also the Law. Although this may differ depending on the university, Criminology will involve a mix of the three as well as some coding. As my degree is coming to an end, my favourite part has definitely been the law aspect of it, I was able to pick all of my own modules in final year and as a result of the law modules that I picked, I was really able to gain insight into very current issues. Miscarriages of Justice was definitely my favourite module, learning about how someone innocent could be found guilty of a crime was very insightful, especially with the many guest speakers sharing their experiences. With most humanity degrees, you have a lot of time where you’re not at university so what I found has been really useful is to get involved in different things. Whilst at university, I have been able to get involved in different societies both Criminology and non-Criminology related, as well as being a Student Ambassador. If there is anything that interests you, whether it is sports, languages or culture, I would highly recommend you doing so!

Career Prospects

A lot of questions that people ask is ‘what can you do with a Criminology degree?’. The good thing with most careers is that it doesn’t matter what the degree is, it’s about the skills you gain whilst completing it. With Criminology, a popular career choice is working in probation, policing and social work. For me personally, I am actually going to hopefully start my PGCE this year and train to become a teacher. As you can see there are so many options and possibilities with most degrees, and I can use the skills gained during my Criminology degree to complete the PGCE and train to become a teacher. So, if you’re still unsure as to what career you want in the future it’s okay to not know, I definitely didn’t until last year. I also tutor part-time which is where my passion for teaching started.

Going Further...

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