Student View - 'Creativity is Intelligence Having Fun.’

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Hi, I’m Sabah. I am a 23-year-old postgraduate university student studying a Master of Enterprise with a passion for innovation and creativity. My Masters has expressed a whole other side of creativity and exhibited how creativity is not simply limited to arts and crafts. This blog piece will present 10 different ways on being creative especially considering current times and how you can combat a lack of creativity in your everyday life.

My Top Tips for Being Creative:

Building a creative atmosphere:

Often we find ourselves stuck in a space that limits our creativity, the slightest changes could make the biggest difference. Such as arranging décor and colours to match who you are and what you need, lighting candles or playing music that inspires you in order to build the best possible atmosphere.

Put down your device:

A tricky thing to do especially now but that feeling when you don’t have to be dependent on your phone or laptop providing a source of creativity is freeing! Going on walks, getting ideas down to paper and having a chat with those in your proximity will get your creative juices flowing without you even realising.  

Inspire yourself:

Whether that be music, family/friends or even listening to a stimulating podcast, never feel like there are ever any limits as to what can inspire you.

Limit and stand clear of distractions:

This isn’t to say watching Netflix and scrolling through Tik Tok to lift your mood slightly and distract yourself should be completely avoided, as sometimes it’s necessary, however too much of anything can make you sick and one must definitely put a limit on activities that don’t really benefit your mind and development in any way.

Enjoy being bored: 

Sometimes being bored is a blessing as it allows you to experiment with various methods of creativity, thus you can then understand what you’re good at and what you enjoy.

Stay healthy, stay happy: 

Know that you, your health and mental health should always come first. This will not only allow you to give time to yourself but will allow your mind and body to be energised and developed so that it’s quick in thinking of new ideas.

Generate more ideas than you think you need:

It is always important to have a lot of ideas so that, when in front of you, you can work through them and see what works. This could also be a way to combine two and formulate better, stronger ideas.

Look in unlikely places:

Don’t ever underestimate anything, an idea, a person, a place. Sometimes the unlikeliest of places may be carrying the hidden gem you needed to succeed.

Finish what you’ve started:

Another way of saying never give up, but it is important to see things through and not leave a task half done as it may not seem to be worth your time. You may be surprised of the benefits and feeling so satisfaction it can bring to you once done.

Love what you do!:

Whatever way you decide to be more creative, the passion and love for that creativity will always be your motivation, your reason for never giving up and inspiration to not make creative tasks feel like work.

Going Further...

May this blog piece bring the creativity to the minds of the readers and allow you to challenge yourself every day and come up with the thousand different routes to reach that one important destination. 

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