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Inspired to Inspiration: MAP to Staff

by YPU Admin on March 29, 2018, Comments. Tags: internship, Journey, MAP, Progression, and Widening Participation


Hi, my name is Hamza and I am currently a graduate intern within the widening participation team at the University of Manchester.  As an undergraduate, I studied Law with Criminology. Over the course of my degree, I developed a strong interest in helping the wider community through volunteering as a student advisor in the University’s legal advice centre and as a student ambassador. As a student advisor, my role was to prepare case files, speak to clients from the local area over the phone, interview these clients and draft letters of advice for them.

As an ambassador, I was able to work on the University’s widening participation initiatives, the Gateways Programme, Greater Manchester Higher and the Manchester Access Programme (MAP). These schemes were aimed at increasing progression to university from particular underrepresented demographics (e.g. Young people from low income households).  My role as an ambassador was to facilitate activities for these students on campus and really engage with them, in order to raise their aspirations.

 Alongside being a student ambassador, I also used to work with the Donor Relations team at the University. I would meet regularly with donors and prospective donors- to talk about my experiences at the University of Manchester and how the MAP scholarship I was receiving helped me during my undergraduate studies. I was more than happy to express my gratitude for the scholarship and meet with donors, especially if there was even a slight chance that a prospective donor would consider donating a gift which would benefit the future generation of MAP students. 

 A combination of both these experiences have led to me to my current role as an intern in one of the widening participation programmes that I worked on as an ambassador, the Manchester Access Programme (MAP). My role involves monitoring and communicating with students who are on the programme but also to plan and run large scale events for students to attend on campus. I also deliver presentations regularly, write pieces for the University website and manage teams of student ambassadors on these event days.


In Depth

So why is Widening Participation something that I am really passionate about? Well, it’s because I came through the same programme that I now work on, MAP, as a student.  I was given a chance to come on to the University of Manchester campus and take part in various activities- from Academic writing workshops, Research, Revision and Referencing workshops, Personal Statement support and the opportunity to attend a University Life Conference (which involved delivering a group Enquiry Based Learning presentation during the day and an option to spend the evening in the University’s Halls of Residences).

MAP made me realise that progressing on to higher education was not a distant dream.  It gave me the confidence to actually believe that I was capable and deserving of a place at university. It is no surprise to see that I now currently hold a role where I get the opportunity to help other students who were like me.  I understand the barriers that students face as I have faced them myself. Having the chance to be involved in a programme which is attempting to level the playing fields and give students, who have the ability to succeed at university, that extra support that they need is something that I am extremely passionate about.

In terms of the future, I am still unsure as to where it is I will end up. The option to pursue Law is still there at the forefront of my mind but with my current role, the idea of engaging with young people and raising aspirations is something which has become increasingly attractive as a potential alternative route. What is for certain however is that I want to continue to help those who may be less fortunate and come from similar backgrounds to myself, as I wholeheartedly believe that everyone deserves an opportunity- once you have been given an opportunity, it is up to you to pass it forward to someone else.


Going Further... useful link to the widening participation schemes the university of Manchester run- Can check eligibility for each programme on the webpage! Might be slightly text heavy and aimed at an older audience but really useful to see all the work and statistics behind WP!


Intern Journey: From Student to Staff at the University of Manchester

by YPU Admin on November 2, 2017, Comments. Tags: internship, Physics, STEM, and Students


My name’s Jake and I went to school in a small sleepy town in North Wales, followed by sixth form where I studied Maths, Physics and Chemistry A-levels.  After this I was accepted onto the Physics course at the University of Manchester, is one of the most exciting, friendly and liberal cities in the U.K. - a really exciting change compared to the slow pace of life in Wales!  After a jam-packed few years of study, work, fun and travel, I’ve fallen in love with Manchester and now work as a Student Recruitment and Widening Participation (SRWP) Intern at the University.

In depth…

I began university with absolutely no idea about what I wanted to do in terms of a career.  I knew that I liked science, helping people and travel, but there was no particular job that took my interest, so I decided to do an MPhys Physics degree as my science grades were good, I liked Brian Cox documentaries and the idea of academic research, as well as this Physics is a very well respected degree with broad career prospects.

I assumed that over the course of the following four years that I would have an epiphany moment – that everything would fall into place and I would exclaim ‘Eureka!  I’ve found my life’s passion!’, and start doggedly pursuing an exciting career to eventually become a world-leading researcher in an exciting and dynamic field.

To my dismay, this career revelation never occurred, and actually as my degree went on I became more and more unsure about a career in scientific research.  For my MPhys research, I investigated the effect of graphene upon bacteria, in the hope that one day graphene could be used in a new generation of antibiotics.  However, despite the amazing applications of this research I learnt that a career in research is not for me (at least not yet), as I’m not cut out for long hours in the lab and fiddling with computer codes.

But by all means doesn’t mean that my degree was a waste of time.  On the contrary, my time as a student was the best in my life – I’ve made fabulous life-long friends, gained extremely employable skills, travelled to amazing places, and my self-confidence has sky-rocketed.

One of the most important things that I’ve gained is that I’ve learnt much more about myself, and what I like and what I dislike.  I’ve discovered that I’m hugely passionate about science communication, helping people, and spreading public awareness about science, education, and social issues.  I also love working with people, using my creativity to blog and solve problems, and enjoy variety in my work.

I’ve recently began work as a Student Recruitment & Widening Participation Intern at the university and love it!  In this role, I coordinate the University’s Aspiring Student Society (UMASS), which helps people considering higher education to think about their options and gives application and career guidance.  I represent the University of Manchester at UCAS fairs, help organise Open Days, and give talks to young people to help them make more well-informed decisions about their futures.  I work with the public on a regular basis, every working hour is different and I feel proud working for such a prestigious institution for which social responsibility is one of their core values.  As term starts again soon I’m hoping to get back involved with science and LBGTQ+ outreach too!

I’ve got no idea what’ll I’ll do after my internship, but I’m sure as I carry on learning more, getting involved with more things and get to grips with the job, I’ll have a clearer idea of what my next step will be.

Going further… : The University of Manchester Aspiring Students’ Society – a good resource for anyone who’s considering applying to any academic institution. : The Widening Participation programmes at Manchester, which encourage students of all educational backgrounds to apply to Manchester. : Manchester’s hugely popular annual science festival – a great opportunity to learn about different areas of science, its importance and impact.  You can also speak to world-leading scientists! : The University of Manchester’s Student Blogs.  These give a valuable insight into university life and offer tips covering all parts of student life.


Focus on: Careers – The Manchester Graduate Internship Programme (MGIP)

by YPU Admin on July 23, 2015, Comments. Tags: careers, experience, graduate, internship, jobs, MGIP, and skills


Hi, my name is Sarah and I graduated last summer from the University of Manchester with a 2:1 in French and Italian. I chose French because it was a subject I’d enjoyed at school and Italian because I wanted to try something new. Throughout my degree, my knowledge and passion for languages grew exponentially but I also had the opportunity to develop many key transferrable skills that would put me at an advantage in the job market.  For the past year, I’ve been undertaking a paid internship at the University, which has given me even more opportunities to develop my skill set, and I’ve now secured a permanent position at the University.

In Depth

What is MGIP?

The Manchester Graduate Internship Programme offers Paid Internships working at the University and in other businesses across Manchester. They are only open to Manchester Graduates so there is a smaller pool of applicants to compete with than most other internships and graduate schemes. They vary in length from 4 to 12 months and have different start dates between June and January.

My Internship

I applied for an Internship in the Student Recruitment and Widening Participation (SRWP) Team as I had previously worked as a Student Ambassador and I wanted to work on similar events as a member of staff.  The SRWP Team take on 5 Graduate Interns each academic year to support with their delivery of events to promote the University and provide accurate information, advice and guidance to prospective students.

My internship involves supporting the pre-16 team, in particular, the University’s Gateways and Primary Awareness programmes, who work with targeted groups of young learners across Greater Manchester to raise aspirations and promote Higher Education. The ethos of the department, that Higher Education should be accessible to all regardless of social or economic background, is something that I am really passionate about and one of the main reasons why I have enjoyed my time here so much.

Throughout the year, I have hugely developed my pre-existing skills, such as Communication, Organisation, Working as part of a Team and Time-Management but I have also gained many new skills, such as Data Analysis, Report Writing, Event Planning, Leadership and Staff Supervision. I have has the opportunity to take part in Higher Education events all across the UK and make a real contribution to the development of systems and programmes within the team. …And all of this whilst being paid!!

Going Further

I’m really glad that I chose to do an MGIP, especially as I’ve now used the skills I developed to secure a permanent position in the International Programmes Office at the University, and I would recommend it to any graduates who maybe aren’t quite sure which direction they want their career to take and want to gain new skills and experience.

To find out more about the scheme you can visit the website: 

where you can read stories from other Graduate Interns as well so you don’t have to take my word for it!

Or if you need further convincing, watch this video: